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Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, transportation’s leading online training provider

Proven to Reduce Accidents & CSA Violations

National Private Truck Council

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is a more efficient way to comply with industry regulations

Easy to execute and simple to deploy

  • No learning curve
  • Set up and operating in less than 48 hours
  • A dedicated client success team

“You’ve never operated an LMS, no problem!”

FMCSA Registered Entry-Level Driver Training

“Theory Curriculum” Provider

Proven Behavior-Based Online Training Solution

Consistent, Ongoing Training Increases Efficiency by 55%

  • Frequent & consistent training drives the right behaviors
  • Short microlearning videos for best comprehension
  • Simple user interface

1000+ Video Library

Over 1000 microlearning training videos to provide short bursts of information for e

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Dedicated Client Success Team

  • Implementation and ongoing support
  • Scheduled proactive support calls
  • Best practice knowledge and support

Support Every Step of the Way!

Length of Training Session Matters

Less than 10-minute microlearning videos

MIT study validates that 6 minutes is the optimal length for online learning.

See for Yourself How Easy
Infinit-I is to Execute

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