Increase Employee Performance Without Disrupting Workflow with Our Proven Training Solutions

Infinit-I is a fully supported Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) that is simple to execute and easy to deploy.

Quality training is essential for employee development. Employee development maximizes your ROI through retention and improved performance.

Fixing these 7 Areas of Training will Put You Ahead of the Competition and Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Three-part solution to enhance employee development

  • Intuitive and efficient platform that is convenient to promote user participation
  • Tracks and reports progress to users and admins to ensure content is completed and understood
  • Automated real-time reports to make data readily available for analyzing business and training goals
  • Access to a full library of solution-based content covering common challenges
  • Custom content ability to convert company-specific expertise into employee training solutions
  • Integration of 3rd party content such as licensed content your company has access to, YouTube videos, public domain content, etc.
  • Access to a dedicated client success team to guide a successful system setup and ongoing admin needs
  • Technical support to help with reporting and platform management
  • Consultation on best practices and company-specific training needs

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Simplify and Improve Employee Performance with Our Training Solutions

Training Focus Areas to Improve Employee Performance

New Hire Pre-Orientation Training

Enhance the onboarding process with consistent job-specific training to prepare employees and promote retention

Ongoing Awareness Training and Development

Deliver frequent and consistent training throughout the year to drive positive employee behaviors and enrich employee career development

Corrective Action Processes

Add training to the corrective action process to promote best practices and ensure employees understand required behaviors

Improved Performance to Drive Success

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions provides digital learning management and communication solutions to generate efficient, effective, and streamlined employee development.

You can provide employees the information they need to succeed while gaining peace of mind for yourself knowing they receive consistent performance development.

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