Customizable Training Platform

Convenient Customizable Training Platform to Improve Training Management & Participation

Tracking & Reporting Tools

Our system gives you organization tools at the push of a button. Track training progress, and keep up with necessary documentation such as certificates.

Keep up with employee participation and analyze future training needs.

Resources & Announcements

Your company announcements page acts as a digital bulletin board so you can share information companywide.

The resource library allows you to upload important, policy, handbook, benefits, or other documentation so employees have easy access.

Easy Employee Access

Employees can access their training information from any device, and the system is easy to navigate.

The system tells them exactly what they need to do next, so there is no learning curve to get started. Easier access means higher participation rates.

The Tools You Need to Strive for 100% Employee Development Participation

Employee training and development has a direct impact on employee retention. With Infinit-I Workforce Solutions’s easy-to-use training management platform, you can improve employee participation and comprehension. You can customize content, quiz requirements, notifications, and reporting to make the training meet your company needs. Strive for 100% employee development participation to drive success for your employees and your company.

Instantly Train Employees Without Compromising Quality

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is a fully supported learning management system that delivers training to your entire workforce with just a click of the button.

With the built in reporting tools, you can ensure user comprehension and track participation.

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