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6 Powerful Benefits of Online Training

6 Benefits of Online Training

There are many reasons to provide training options for your employees. Safety, regulations, and upskilling are all valuable areas to focus on. Regular training allows employees to remember important aspects of their jobs and continue to grow so you can keep things running smoothly.

Maintaining a regular training schedule is difficult due to the many demands on your time and resources, but you want training options that meet your budget while meeting the training needs of your company. That’s where online training helps.

Training online provides several options to make the process easier for you and your employees. Six benefits in particular make online learning worth the investment.

Benefit 1: Save Money

The cost of traditional training methods includes the cost of trainers, loss of productivity, cost of providing food, and often the cost of venues. These costs can really add up if you’re trying to create a good program to provide employee development opportunities.

Online training can cut these costs by up to 50%. With an online learning management system, you only pay for the training materials required. You also cut down on productivity loss as you can set up training for a year and let employees access it at their convenience, so no need to spend the day in the classroom.

Benefit 2: Better Participation

It can be difficult to get everyone together to complete training. You need to plan training around different schedules, especially if you have remote and work-from-home employees. This means not everyone will be able to join on the scheduled date.

Those who do participate won’t always give their attention to the material. This means even those who can join aren’t really participating with the training.

An online training structure makes it easier for employees to focus their attention on the required materials as you can provide short videos that are easy to comprehend. You also have a way to provide training to all employees, no matter where they are located, reducing the stress on everyone.

Benefit 3: Maintain Regular Training

A regular training schedule makes training more effective. This can be difficult with traditional training methods though, as you don’t want to disrupt workflows too often. Online options provide a method to maintain regular training at the convenience of employees and leadership.

With an online system you can schedule the training ahead of time and let the system send notifications to let employees know when they need to complete it. The short lessons mean employees can complete the training in less time, reducing workflow disruptions and stress for everyone.

Benefit 4: Focused Learning

Traditional training methods require general training sessions that can meet the needs of most employees. It’s difficult to set up training to meet specific needs with these methods, and some people will have to cover materials that aren’t relevant to them.

With online training, employees can access short videos, assigned to meet specific needs, that help them better understand and retain the information. Microlearning has proven more effective for learning than traditional methods. You can make sure employees get information that is relevant to their needs, including refresher training for those who need it.

Benefit 5: Flexibility

With the changing look of the workforce, such as remote workers, flex-day workers, and part-time employees, flexibility in training is more important than ever. You also want options that allow employees to complete training when they have the time to focus on it. Traditional methods don’t allow for these flexibility needs.

Online learning allows employees to learn at their own pace. Materials can be completed in short, 5-6-minute videos for better retention. Training can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, so less productivity disruption and more convenience for employees.

Benefit 6: Better Record-Keeping

When it comes to insurance discussions, potential litigation, and regulations, records of regular training are the best way to protect your company. You need an easy way to pull the necessary documentation to prove this record when these issues come up.

An online training management system makes it easy to keep up with needed documentation, so you have access to it whenever you need it. The Infinit-I Workforce Solutions system maintains time and date-stamped records of all completed training and progress to help you protect your company’s reputation.

Customize Your Training with Online Learning

With an online training management system like Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, you get the tools that will help customize training to your employee needs. You have access to a library of training videos, or the option to include customized training in the system. Employees can access training whenever they want, and you have the documentation tools you need to keep up with training progress. You can check out the Infinit-I system by requesting a no obligation demo. Just 20 minutes of your time will help you see how easy online training is to implement for your company

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