Food & Sanitation Safety

Solutions to Meet Your Food Safety Needs

Food Storage & Transport

Food service employees need to understand the importance of sanitary conditions. Teach and review proper food transport, storage, and handling.

Prepare for Inspections

Make sure employees and managers are ready for an inspection with an overview of regulations. Use the content to create checklists for the next time it counts.

Customize Your Training

Make sure every area of food handling is covered with custom content integrations. Add third party training or company training to meet all food safety requirements.

Keep Your Company on the Right Track

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions’s employee training solutions can equip your employees with the tools needed to transform your business into a process-driven machine. Employee actions are recorded through tracking tools that provide suggestions for desired employee actions to improve your business.

Optimize Procedures without Disrupting Workflows

You need good procedures in place to maintain food safety. Make sure employees have the training they need to keep processes running smoothly and safely without shutting down the workflow.

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