Content Management

Solutions to Meet Your Employee Development Needs

Custom Branded Content Simplified

Create and implement custom content to meet all your employee performance training needs.

Turn your company expertise into specific employee training solutions.

Integrate 3rd Party Content

Our fully supported online learning management platform makes integrating 3rd party content simple for you.

Integrate licensed content you have access to, YouTube videos, public domain, etc.

Solution-Based Library

Choose from the existing library of solution-based content. We have readily available training on common challenges faced in the workplace.

Human Resources, Worker Safety, Commercial Fleet Readiness, and Food Safety.

Creating a Culture of Development

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions’s training management system and communication solutions help you stay on top of employee development. From orientation to ongoing training, we have the solution you need to have your best employees every day. You can even set up corrective action training to deal with recurring issues. Replicate success and develop training focused on behavior-based activities. No matter the type or length of training, we have you covered.

Keep Employees on the Right Track

With Infinit-I Workforce Solutions you can equip employees with the tools they need to understand how their actions impact the company and enable them to make better decisions.

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