Commercial Fleet Accident Prevention

Solutions to Meet Your Accident Prevention Needs

The cost of a fleet accident is nearly twice the cost of other workplace accidents

On-the-Go Training

With training that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, there’s no need to disrupt delivery workflow for ongoing training.

Complete new driver pre-orientation so they’re ahead of the game before starting the first day. Keep drivers prepared throughout the year.

Improve Driving Skills

Even the best drivers can use refresher training. Don’t let drivers get complacent.

Keep driver safety and best practices top of mind with yearly ongoing training. Give yourself a competitive edge with quality drivers.

Reduce Accidents & Claims

Make sure your drivers are ready for common issues when on the road. Train on common safety issues to help reduce incidents.

Simple access to training documentation helps prove safety consciousness in the workplace and on the road.

Retain Quality Commercial Fleet Drivers, Retain Quality Customers

Drivers can make or break relationships with customers. Improve driver performance with ongoing training for safety and driver best practices. Give yourself a competitive edge with quality drivers so you can keep quality customers.

The average yearly accident rate for commercial fleets is 20%. Ensure your accident percentage decreases and enhance your company reputation with consistent and ongoing training for your drivers.

Keep your Business Running Smoothly

Customer relationships are important, and they start with front-line workers. Provide the training they need to deliver what your customers need.

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