ELDT requirements

Your Complete Guide to New 2022 ELDT Requirements to Ensure Compliance

Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) is a new set of minimum standards from the FMCSA for all entry-level CDL drivers. According to the ELDT requirements, all theory and behind the wheel training must be completed through a registered training provider so the FMCSA can ensure compliance.

The ELDT requirements are set for any driver seeking a Class A or B CDL, anyone upgrading from a Class B to a Class A CDL, or anyone seeking a passenger (P), school (S), or hazardous material (H) endorsement. These new mandates went into effect February 7, 2022, and applies to any driver who did not have their training completed before that date.

What Are the Training Requirements?

Entry-level drivers must complete all theory and behind the wheel training before they can complete their CDL testing. This training includes:

  • Basic operations
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Advanced operation procedures
  • Vehicle systems and reporting malfunctions
  • Non-driving activities

The ELDT requirements include specific curriculum requirements for S, P, and H endorsements which include crash procedures, security, and hours of service.

There are no set hours required to complete the training. As long as drivers complete the mandatory ELDT subjects, using a registered training provider, they have met the requirements.

How Do These New Mandates Affect You?

If you are a company with a private fleet that requires CDLs, you will need to make sure all new hires have completed the appropriate training. For those companies who train drivers in-house, you will need to make sure either you are registered with the FMCSA to provide training, or you use an approved training program.

All organizations that provide training must register, including schools, private fleets providing internal training, and online programs. An online program like Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can make internal training easier for your company.

The Infinit-I Workforce Solutions platform stores all training documentation, so you have access to your records whenever you need them. Infinit-I can also take care of all reporting needs so you don’t have to worry about missing filing deadlines with the FMCSA.

Manage Your Training Program All in One Place

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is a training management system that allows you to complete and document all necessary training for your company. If you take advantage of the full training program we provide, you also get access to the ELDT theory curriculum as part of your contract.

This means you can have the training you need for all aspects of your business, including meeting ELDT requirements. Contact us for a free demo and see for yourself how easy training management can be.

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