Training Focus Areas

Three Focus Areas to Improve Employee Development

New Employee Pre-Orientation

Online training using short 5-8-minute videos to reduce training time, enhance comprehension, and reduce costs.

Provide consistent job-specific training and help new employees feel better prepared to increase retention. Easily maintain all training documentation in one place.

Ongoing Awareness & Development

To develop positive employee behaviors, you need consistent training. Set up a training schedule to keep best practices top of mind.

With an online training platform you can provide training to employees no matter where they are located, so everyone is on the same page.

Corrective Action Training

Adding training to your corrective action process helps ensure employees understand the correct actions and procedures in the future.

The Infinit-I Workforce Solutions platform also provides documentation to show actions taken towards better employee performance.

Training to Create Real, Positive Change

You want employees that will grow with your company, and your employees want to feel like they are valuable to the process. Employee development training that incorporates the three key focus areas will help everyone reach their goals. With Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, you’ll be able to anticipate and react quickly to the different behaviors of your employees, whether they are high-value, low-value, or even problematic. You’ll be able to drive employee actions towards desired outcomes for everyone.

Cover Training Needs Through All Stages of Employment

With Infinit-I Workforce Solutions you can focus on the critical areas that help you stay in business. Promote positive employee behavior and reduce bad habits across all departments.

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